About Us

Welcome to [email protected]!

[email protected] is a PHOTO-BASED KNOWLEDGE SHARING PLATFORM built with the integrated efforts from teachers and students of biodiversity-related courses at CUHK. It has started with a seed database containing a set of featured photos generated by teacher.

As a student member, you can contribute to the database development by
- uploading your own photos collected during or/and outside the class;
- tagging the structures shown in these photos;
- writing notes for them;
- rating others’ photos.
Don’t hesitate. Be one of the contributors and learn from your peers NOW!

To fit individual needs in managing knowledge, the database can be organized in a multi-dimensional data structure by using customizable tags plus searching functions by all viewers. All are welcome to share the photo links with friends through the social media plugins and discuss the photos by visiting our facebook page.

Latest Photo

Tuber's truffle
Uploaded by Cherry_Chow

Ascocarp of Ventura inaequalis
Uploaded by Cherry_Chow

Ascocarp of Peziza sp.
Uploaded by Cherry_Chow

Latest Tags

ascorcarp with infoldings Uploaded by Cherry_Chow
ascospore Uploaded by Cherry_Chow
ascus Uploaded by Cherry_Chow
Tuber's truffle Uploaded by Cherry_Chow
asci Uploaded by Cherry_Chow