Marchantia (Yiuman_Chan)
Updated on 24/09/2012

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The gemmae inside the gemma cup are dispersed by splashes of rain.
by YIP_WingYan (Student) at 2019-11-26 11:33:27
It's a kind of thalloid liverworts.
Marchantia can reproduce asexually by producing gemmae in gemma cup, and spreading gemmae by cup splashing.
Gemmae may not be spread very far by this way but can reproduce very efficiently.
In contrast, sexual reproduction can produce lighter spores that can be spread over longer distances with the help of wind but sexual reproduction is also less efficient.
And how does it decide when to have asexual/sexual reproduction and which method it prefers and will put in more energy?
by LI_Zhihao (Student) at 2021-12-03 13:21:19


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