Coconut (Cherry_Chow)
Updated on 14/04/2020

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The white layer is the cellular endosperm. Inside it contains liquid endosperm. These two endosperms store food during the developmental stage.
The three holes in coconut are the scars left by the three carpals in coconut flowers.
In some foreign countries, we can see coconut trees on the beaches. How can the coconut germinate when they wash up the beach?
by CHEUK_SzeHang (Student) at 2020-04-28 23:24:10
the picture show the endocarp as well as the fleshy endosperm. but in fact, the coconut should also contain a green/brown outer coat, a mesocarp the also call 'husk' and the liquid endosperm

as coconut tree is common in tropical region, coconut is one of the best plant that you can use if you are stranded in a tropical island, the husk can be use as tinder after drying out, the cellular endosperm

at last, I would like to ask is there a difference between coconut and sea coconut?
by LAM_ManHei (Student) at 2020-05-04 19:30:56


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