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Updated on 28/09/2020

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The photos above shows a plant with white rust caused by infection of the plant by Albugo candida, an oocycete. The microscopic picture shows the sporagia produced by sporagiophore under the host epidermis. It is undergoing asexual reproduction.
Question: what is the effect on the plant when infected by Albugo candida?
by KOO_HauYuIvy (Student) at 2021-12-05 00:47:44
Here is some information adding to the abovementioned one. Oomycota is a fungal-like organism that has branched colonies of tip-growing hyphae, spore formation, saprotrophs and pathogens. The sporangia produced by sporangiophore are motile zoospores with a ploidity of 2n. We are able to notice some zoospores in the photo are flagellated. Oomycota mainly undergoes asexual reproduction.

What management can be applied to control or be against the growth of Albugo candida on plants?
by LO_ManYu (Student) at 2021-12-12 16:44:44


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