Rhizopus sp. (Bread mold) (LI_ChoiChi)
Updated on 21/09/2017

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Very good effort in labelling, through some structures are too small to be labelled with tags. Hope you enjoyed the process of mounting fresh sample. :)
by Cherry_Chow (Teacher) at 2017-10-25 14:59:18
Rhizopus sp. is commonly known as black bread mold. It is a member of Zygomycota and considered the most important species in the genus Rhizopus. It is one of the most common fungi in the world and has a global distribution although it is most commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions.
It is a common agent of decomposition of stored foods, mostly in indoor environments.It can exist in the soil as well as in the air. A variety of natural substrata are colonized by this species because it can tolerate broad variations in the concentration of essential nutrients and can use carbon and nitrogen combined in diverse forms.

The question I would like to ask is: does Rhizopus sp. also act on other food or organism and even cause disease?
by Lai Pok Nga (Student) at 2020-12-07 23:54:56
Pok Nga: thanks for your input!
by Cherry_Chow (Teacher) at 2020-12-10 20:06:56


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